Education & Training

Parent & Professional Workshops

PACT workshops are for parents, professionals, and other individuals interested in obtaining information and training in the areas of language, social communication, motor skills, and sensory abilities for a variety of functional, academic and social purposes. These workshops are offered on an intermittent basis and frequently in partnership with other local agencies, organizations, and universities.

Student Internships

PACT Institute has partnerships with local university programs, providing opportunities to undergraduate and graduate level students for clinical observations, training, and practicum experiences. Students are also encouraged to contact the PACT Institute independently, if interested in participating in these training opportunities.

Clinical Fellowships

PACT Institute provides opportunities for recent graduates of accredited programs in Speech and Hearing Sciences and Communication Disorders to fulfill requirements for their Clinical Fellowship Year (CFY). This is a rare and unique opportunity for new professionals, whether interested in specializing in pediatric autism spectrum disorders or gaining extensive experience in activity-based speech-language pathology during their first year in the profession.

Volunteer Opportunities

A wide range of volunteer opportunities are frequently available at PACT Institute. Please contact us directly for more specific information.