Family Services

PACT Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching sessions are designed to address the multitude of questions and concerns families have related to their child's development. These sessions may be used to:

  • receive immediate input regarding treatment recommendations and strategies while awaiting direct services or receiving direct services elsewhere
  • discuss existing plans for treatment and how to increase skills generalization across home, school, and community settings
  • provide specific training to caregivers, family members, school personnel, and other individuals related to treatment carryover
  • offer guidance when prioritizing treatment options and forms of treatment delivery across ages and developmental phases

Off-Site Consultation Services

These services are structured to meet the requests of families based on presenting needs, interests, and priorities. Consultations may include, but are not limited to:

  • IEP meetings, or other educational meetings, with school personnel or other professionals
  • Observations across natural environments such as home, school, daycare, day treatment, or other familiar setting
  • Informational meetings with family members and other caregivers regarding treatment delivery and carryover

Strategic Seminars

These small group seminars given by PACT professionals provide parents and caregivers with the opportunity to focus solely on their child's treatment path. Enrollment is limited to ensure time for all attendees to obtain tailored treatment information, recommendations, and strategies. Seminars are formed and scheduled according to the individual needs, interests, and priorities of each family.

Parent & Professional Workshops

PACT workshops are for parents, professionals, and other individuals interested in obtaining information and training in the areas of language, social communication, motor skills, and sensory abilities for a variety of functional, academic and social purposes. These workshops are offered on an intermittent basis and frequently in partnership with other local agencies, organizations, and universities.