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Not sure what programs or services would be most appropriate for your child?
We often get questions from parents such as:

Is speech therapy or occupational therapy appropriate for my child?
Does my child need to be verbal in order to participate in social skills groups?
Are there other places in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area that specialize in social interventions?
My child does not have autism, but is socially anxious and/or doesn't have many friends. Can PACT help?
Do you see infants...toddlers...teenagers?

My Child's Profile can help guide you to appropriate treatment options.  

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Complete the following information to create a personalized profile for your child.

My Child's Age:
  • Less than 12 months
  • 1 to 2 Years
  • 3 to 5 Years
  • 6 to 8 Years
  • 8 years and above
My Child's Sex:
  • Male    Female
Reasons I'm Exploring PACT for My Child:
  • Medical or Educational Referral:
    My child's physician and/or teacher recommended additional services to enhance skill development.
  • Personal Referral:
    I have some concerns regarding my child's development and am interested in exploring appropriate options for intervention.
  • Other Referral:
    I am seeking information for my child based on information I received from other agencies, programs, parents/friends, or professionals.
My Child's Current Programming:
  • No current programming:
    My child is not currently enrolled in any school/therapy programs or routine therapy appointments.
  • Part-time programming:
    My child is enrolled in a part-time school/therapy program and/or has routine medical appointments (e.g., speech therapy, OT, PT), but also has time available during the daytime on certain days of the week.
  • Full-time programming:
    My child is enrolled in a full-time school/therapy program and has a limited amount of time to participate in outside activities during the week.
My Child's Communication:
Select the one that best describes your child's current level of communication.
  • Communicative Behaviors:
    My child primarily uses gestures, vocalizations, and/or physical behaviors to communicate. No consistent system of communication has been observed, where the use of words, pictures, or signs are used to meet basic wants and needs. Communication attempts usually look like one or many of the following: reaching/touching people or objects, giving/taking objects, pulling parent's hand toward object to get or activate, clapping, waving, pushing, vocalizing, falling to the ground to protest/refuse, or other nonverbal behaviors.
  • Emerging Words:
    My child has started using of a system of words, signs, picture communication, and/or written words to communicate. These include only a few words (e.g., 2 to 10), but are used often to refer to objects, people, or activities and occur on a regular or consistent basis. In addition to a few words consistently produced, some word productions are echoed or repeated, but might not be used consistently or within an appropriate context.
  • Beginning Functional & Social Language System:
    My child uses words, signs, pictures, or written text to communicate on a consistent basis. These include at least 100 or more words or phrases used consistently across people, places, and circumstances.
  • Advanced Functional & Social Language System:
    My child has limited or no difficulties using language to meet basic wants/needs, maintain conversations, and express emotions. Occasionally, or even quite frequently, my child has some difficulties using mastered language skills to establish social interactions, build friendships, and relate to others effectively.
  • No Functional or Social Language Difficulties:
    My child has no documented history of communication or social interaction difficulties, and does not exhibit needs any current needs in those areas.
My Child's Primary Areas of Need:
Indicate all areas below where you feel your child demonstrates needs.
  • Verbal communication skills
    (e.g., expressing thoughts through words; using words more often than behaviors)
  • Nonverbal/Gestural communication skills
    (e.g., reading/using gestures and facial expressions; reading environmental cues)
  • Language processing skills
    (e.g., following instructions easily and without repetition; ability to use language in flexible ways)
  • Social interaction skills
    (e.g., greeting others, asking questions, initiating topics and play with others, participate in turn-taking activities)
  • Speech production skills
    (e.g., producing sounds and words consistently and easily understood by others)
  • Feeding skills
    (e.g., tolerating a variety of food textures, colors, temperatures, and consistencies)
  • Sensory processing skills
    (e.g., tolerating a variety of sounds, textures, visual input, physical movements, and stimulating settings)
  • Fine motor skills
    (e.g., performing skills such as holding a pencil, cutting with scissors, or picking up small objects)
  • Gross motor skills
    (e.g., coordinating large muscle movements such as kicking, jumping, catching, throwing, and balancing)
  • Daily living skills
    (e.g., fastening buttons/snaps/zippers, dressing, brushing teeth, combing hair, and tying shoes)
  • Handwriting skills
    (e.g., performing writing skills such as holding a pencil, forming letters, and using adequate space)
  • Regulating behaviors
    (e.g., maintaining a calm and attentive state of being by adequately expressing frustration and effectively coping)
  • Interacting with Siblings
    (e.g., participating in play and activities successfully with siblings)
  • Other primary areas of need
    (e.g., my child demonstrates areas of need not mentioned above)
  • No identified areas of need
    (e.g., none of the sections mentioned above apply to my child)
My Child's Personal Interests & Strengths:
We incorporate your child's strengths and interests as much as possible in order to make learning meaningful, motivating, and fun!
  • Imaginative Play
  • Building & Constructive Play
  • Arts & Graphics
  • Books & Reading
  • History
  • Imaginative Play
  • Constructive Play
  • Transportation
  • Family & Friends
  • Sports & Physical Activities
  • Science
  • My Child's Interest/Strength is not Listed
  • Computers & Technology
  • Social Clubs & Activities
  • Nature & the Environment
  • Movies & Entertainment
  • Animals/Dinosaurs
  • Geography
  • Singing/Music
  • Dance & Movement
  • Mystery & Intrigue
  • World Events
  • Space Exploration